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Splenda® Sugar Blend

SPLENDA® Sugar Blend is a blend of SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (sucralose), and sugar.  Since half a cup replaces a full cup of sugar,  it provides only half the calories and carbohydrate per serving, while still delivering important functional properties that sugar brings to baked goods.  SPLENDA® Sugar Blend achieves rising, spreading, browning and helps with retaining moistness in your baked goods, making it ideal for creating moist cakes and chewy cookies without all the calories from full sugar.

Fast Facts:

  • Just a half-cup of SPLENDA® Sugar Blend replaces a full cup of sugar
  • Can be used anywhere sugar is used
  • Adds sweetness, moistness browning and volume to baked goods—like sugar
  • Frequently purchased together with SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend

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